Your chimney is quite unlike anything else in your house. It sits there, out of view and never seems to encroach on your daily life. Indeed, it shouldn’t. Your chimney’s main role is to allow dangerous combustion gases to evacuate your home – the chimney has a very important job but most of it cannot be seen. Many chimneys can be hundreds of years old and the property would have undergone many renovations but no one has checked the inside of the chimney.

What is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

A chimney inspection is an evaluation of the interior and exterior portions of the chimney.

A level 2 chimney inspection is a more complex and in-depth analysis of your overall chimney health. A level 2 chimney inspection specifically looks at the design, installation, maintenance, and inspection of chimneys, fireplaces, and venting systems in all residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Do I need a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

A Level 2 inspection can identify whether any changes are needed to improve function or safety.

A level 2 chimney inspection is required when:

  • Installing a new appliance, the flue must be tested for sufficient airtightness (if not being relined).
  • The chimney has experienced weather damage or a chimney fire.
  • There’s been a change to the fireplace system, such as changing fuel types
  • ‍The history of the chimney is unknown – you may have just moved or reopened a fireplace.
  • You suspect smoke may be leaking.
  • A neighbour can smell burning when your fire is lit.
  • A party wall agreement may request that a test is performed before and after any building works.
  • You are experiencing problems with your fireplace.‍

Not sure whether you need a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

A certified chimney sweep should be able to explain the differences between the levels and types of inspection, guiding you to what you need. At Sweepsmart we can help answer any questions, so get in touch if you’re not sure or need help before making your booking.

Chimney Inspection Level 2
Chimney Inspection Level 2

Level 2 Inspection
includes –

  • Full visual inspection – pot; stack; hearth; ventilation; fireplace/ stove fitting; lintel.
  • The fireplace area will be covered with protective dust sheets that we provide.
  • The chimney will be swept and inspected in accordance with the ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ code of practice and the industry standard.
  • Full CCTV chimney inspection.
  • Check smoke and CO alarms are present and positioned correctly.
  • A ‘Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps’ sweeping and servicing certificate will be issued
  • A detailed report
  • Smoke Test 1 – Leakage Test
  • Smoke Test 2 – Evacuation Test
  • Pressure test with a Wöhler DP600 the testing device (if the flue is lined)
  • This service takes approximately 120 minutes per flue.

You will receive a report with screenshots detailing all the relevant information about the chimney system; if any remedial work is required, this report can be used to get quotes.

A leakage test requires safe access to the chimney terminal and access to each floor, including loft spaces, where the flue passes you can read more about smoke tests here.

Pipework and Cables in Chimney.2
Pipework and Cables in Chimney
Pipework and cables in chimneys is very common – when fireplaces were being removed, the chimney became a handy void to pass cables and pipework through

If the chimney fails the leakage test, the chimney must be lined. There are different methods available, the best option will mainly depend on two factors – the appliance and construction of the original flue. We will view the footage from the camera inspection and discuss this with you to advise on the most suitable method.

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Smoke leaked into an adjacent apartment during a leakage test
Smoke leaked into an adjacent apartment during a leakage test


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